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CraftMaster Interior Doors FAQ

Where can I purchase CraftMaster interior doors?
Please click here to search for CraftMaster interior doors in your area. For further assistance, please call the CraftMaster Helpdesk at 800.405.2233, send an email to or send a fax to 312.382.8703.

Can I buy doors directly from JELD-WEN?
Of course you can! Find a dealer near you.

How do I contact JELD-WEN for information about CraftMaster interior doors?
Call the CraftMaster Help Desk at 800-405-2233, email, or send a fax to 312-382-8703.

Does JELD-WEN use recycled materials in the manufacture of CraftMaster molded doors?
CraftMaster molded door designs contain a minimum of 70% pre-consumer recycled wood content. This is certified by Scientific Certification Systems, certificate number SCS-MC-01801. Hollow core CraftMaster Green Doors contain a minimum of 56% pre-consumer recycled wood content and solid core CraftMaster Green Doors contain a minimum of 70% pre-consumer recycled wood content. CraftMaster molded door designs are made from wood that is of no commercial timber value and the byproduct of other operations, not old growth timber. Wood is sourced from sawmill chips and field chips. Sawmill chips are generated as residual waste from sawmill operations and field chips are residuals from field chipping operations of tree tops and leftover wood. If it is not used in manufacturing operations, this wood rots or is sent to landfills. The removal of this wood source allows mature trees to grow. Field chips are a byproduct of sound logging practices.

What CraftMaster molded interior doors are available in tall heights?
There are twelve (12) designs available in 7-foot or 8-foot heights. These include Colonist®; Carrara®; Corvado®; Cashal®; Coventry®; Cremona®; and Caiman®; and Conmore™ are available in 7-foot height.

A complete list of sizes can be found on the size chart.

Can CraftMaster molded interior doors be stained?
Doors made with CraftMaster molded door designs that have a textured surface can be stained, however JELD-WEN does not recommend staining, as it is difficult to do. Please click here for detailed instructions on “How to Field Finish” CraftMaster molded interior doors.

What CraftMaster molded interior doors are available in a smooth finish?
Colonist, Cremona, Coventry, Carrara, Caiman, Corvado, Cashal, and Conmore doors are available in a smooth finish.

Are there CraftMaster molded interior doors other than Colonist available Pre-Finished or Pre-Stained?
Colonist, Carmelle and Classique designs are available in Pre-Finished White. Colonist is also available in four (4) Pre-Stained colors. To view available Pre-Stained colors, click here. All other designs are available with a factory-applied primer.

How do you repair dings and scratches on CraftMaster molded interior doors?
Since CraftMaster molded interior doors are made of wood, you can use standard wood putty to repair minor dings and scratches. Follow the wood putty manufacturer’s instructions for repairing the ding. The repair spot should then be re-primed and painted to match the rest of the door.

Can I install a hook or other piece of hardware to the back of a CraftMaster molded interior door?
JELD-WEN does not recommend that hooks, nails, or screws be inserted in a molded door.

What is a CraftMaster molded door design made of?
CraftMaster molded door designs are made from wood chips and resins that are chemically and physically bonded under intense heat and pressure. Exceptionally durable, CraftMaster molded door designs resist splitting, cracking and separating – unlike wood doors.

Does JELD-WEN provide hardware?
JELD-WEN does not manufacture door hardware. Please consult your door supplier for hardware options.

Are fire-rated doors available?
Most CraftMaster molded interior doors can be specified for 20-, 45- or 60- minute fire ratings per Warnock Hersey.

Are CraftMaster interior doors available in both solid and hollow core construction?
Most CraftMaster interior doors can specified with hollow or solid core construction.

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